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X-Men Evolution: The Lost Stories' Journal

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Well no one is posting so I am closing this account. If you are interested in it though leave me a comment on my regular journal:

Monday, September 6, 2004


is anyone still interested in updating this journal. Caus if not I'll take it down.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004


She manages to reach an elevator and rides it to the top. Then she dashes out the door, but hears a familliar voice and hides behind a bush. It was Magneto talking with the Professor.
"You do know that Sabre is here don't you? I figured she was yours."
"Why don't you let her stay with us? We could teach her!"
"She won't listen to anyone but me and that will never change. I am going to turn her into my ultimate weapon."
"She won't want to listen to you forever. She will learn the truth behind what your doing!"
"No she wont..." With this Magneto holds up a bottle filled with the redish liquid that Sabre takes in the shots. "You see, this is the key to her existence. Without this she would age like every other person. Plus this has a special ingrediant that will keep her loyal to me forever."
"Your controlling her mind?!"
"Yes." With that Sabre snarled a bit. The "medicine" had worn off by now and she now was listening to the truth. She becomes enraged and leaps out with her claws faced towards Magneto. He stops her easily seeing that her claws are metal and throws her backwards. "Come now, don't be hasty. You should take your medicine again or you know what'll happen." Sabre roars and knocks the vile onto the ground. The glass shatters and the liquid is absorbed by the ground.
"You can not control her Magneto."
"Fine. Do as you want Sabre. You are a menace to society. All you know is how to kill. You'll never survive."
"You watch!" Sabre yells out after him as he flies out of sight.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Later that day the plan is set in motion. Logan walks down to the cage. Sabre snarls at him, but does not move.
"What did you want kid? Think breaking into the institute would be easy? WHo are you working for?" Logan asked.
Sabre snarled, but again says nothing.
"No really, your a mutant, like the rest of us." Logan starts again.
"I think I would know I was a mutant by now...." sabre responded.
"Well this is a school where we train and teach people like you."
"Maybe later... I got a job to do first..." With this sabre revealed her claws for the first time and easily sliced though the bars. "You see... killing you is one of the things on my agenda."
Logan snarled at this surprise and too unleashed his claws. Sabre was a bit shocked.
"Well that makes it only a little bit more difficult... but not much." Sabre had the advantage outside, not in here with her quick moves and agility. She sank her claws deep into Logan's shoulder and then pulled away and took off running. Like she expected Logan followed.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Sabre wakes up and finds herself in a strong steel cage. It is like a prison... Sabre unsheathes her claws and mumbles, "Piece of cake..." but then stops... What would be the point of breaking out now? The she would have not completed any of her objectives. Eventually, Logan will want answers, then she can at least go home with one victory. Sabre smiles and retracts her claws. No one needs to know that she can escape at any moment she wants too... well at least not yet.

Saturday, August 7, 2004


As she entered into his house...it began to rain. The house looked dark and empty. With very little light, it looked lonely. "Jeez this place is big," Kat said. Sitting down on the sofa, Jake offered her a drink. "Some warm tea sounds good." As he came back with the tea, she told him everything that happened. They talked for hours about everything. Even though the talking part was easy for Jake, it was difficult to express his feelings to Kat. He felt as if he has known her forever. Seeing Kat shivering in the light, Jake gets a blanket from the closet and hands it to her. Kat finds herself falling asleep in his arms.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


She woke up on a medical table in a cold room. i.v.s in her arm she ripped them off with her teeth. she jumped down and a pain shoot through her leg she whinned and looked down it looked broken she licked the wound and kept going smelling the air she found a way out. she could hear people all over speakin, feel their foot steps running. She followed numerous hallways looking into empty rooms. the scent of humans were everywhere. she smelled the cat again and growled. She followed the scent upstairs and through hallways she came to a big silver door and walked towards it. it opened by itself which startled her and she jumped back teeth bared. She jumped inside ready to rip apart anyone in her way.


"Split up team!" Scott shouts as the team splits up. Everyone takes a different part of the mansion.
Sabre is just kinda casually looking around in plain sight. She thinks no one knows about her, she is wrong. Then she smells something, another presence... Sabre hears footsteps and bolts the otherway. Her feet flee silently with an unmatchable grace. She comes to a large room, with a terrible high ceiling, and unsheaths her claws. She jump up above the door and thrusts her claws into the metal wall. They penetrate like a knife through butter. She stands absolutly still hanging above the door. Then she hears this from down the hall, "Looks like this one couldn't make it, but their is still one loose in the mansion so be careful. What should we do with her Professor?" The scent was a wolf... one she recognized from before. Accidently she snortsw a bit and the professor heard. He wheels into the danger room, which happens to be where Sabre ended up. He starts to talk to Sabre telepathicly, then spotts her above the door. She quickly retracts her claws and jumps off the wall. She stood facing him, glarinf with her read eyes, and her tail was moving slightly from side to side. Soon all the X-men hear about the incedent and they gather around the professor. "Should we take her down?" "hmm... go get a tranqualizer dart, we don't want to hurt her, but she needs to be slowed down," the professor speeks telepathicly to everyone in the room, but Sabre. Everyone stands back and the door shut to the danger room. Then all of the machines, lazers, cutting blades, spiked floors, come out. Sabre snorts as she dodges a lazer blast. She continually runs around the room and dodges the blasts and flying objects. On one go around Sabre spots the control room out of the corner of her eyes. She leaps up and crashes through the glass room walls. She just walks around and looks at everyone. Then she feels a sharp pain in her shoulder. She whirls around to see Logan with a dart gun pointed at her. She grabs the dart and pulls it out of her shoulder. Then she leaps and knocks Logan out of the whole that she just came in from. She has him pinned and then falls over on her side, fast asleep. "Put her in a holding facility..."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Siren watched the wolf vanish into the night. She looked back at Reign, who stood leaning by the wall, arms casually stretched over his head.

"So tootse. What are you gonna do now?"

"I'm goink to follow her. I feel a dizturbink prezence all around. Zhe may need help. You can follow if you pleaze, the choice iz yourz."

And with that she flew off into the sky, the wolf leading her to a mansion standing alone in the dark.

8:23PM - ~*BiG sMiLe*~

Sorry that I haven't posted lately! Been really busy, but after this pimping post I promise that I'll post a real one! I just wanted to pimp an RPG that I'm in. It's an X-Men Evolution one that is set as the supposed fifth season that never came to be. N*e* waz, we are in TERRIBLE NEED of characters! So far the only ones that are taken are: Jean Grey, Kitty, Gambit, Rogue, Rahne (Wolfsbahne), Quicksilver, Tabby (Boom Boom), and Bobby (Iceman). The link is:


So if anyone would like to join that would be awsome! And if you know anyone that is interested in this kinda thing please tell them!

Okay, sorry for that guys! Now on to the real posting!


Sunday, July 25, 2004


Sabre is now inside, but now what? She decides to go inside, feeling unsafe. Their is a slight scent in the air, but she can not tell what it is and soon forgets about it. Meanwhile Professor X already knew about Sabre's presence. His mind powers were able to detect her for a while now. Of course, Sabre doesn't know this... Professor X was just keeping an eye on her with Cerebro, but now she poses to be a threat. So he summons some of the X-men to track her down, but not hurt her.

Friday, July 23, 2004


The wolf looked at the couple and darted. She knew the sound of gunshots all too well. she ran faster than she had before, longer than she had before. she soon became lost. She stopped to get her barrings. snifing the ground. She smelled an animal... a mountain lion? a cat... thought the wolf. She followed the cats scent wherever it went had to be safe. She came to a large house, a mansion tha air was filled with the smell of humans but also animals, and the cat the cat was in there. She scratched the gate whinned and then jump the 10 foot wall. landing safely on her paws. she walked over the grass towards the building. I siren went off. She had triped a silent alarm. A range of machines popped out of the ground shoting beems bullets and ab normal weapons she had never seen before. She darted the shots running as hard as she could. She broke one machine ripping out the cords then another. She was running toward the 3rd when she was shot in the back and fell into a sleep. All she remebered was hearing voices, "we have a visitor." "Bring her inside." darkness.

8:28PM - Sabre's quest

Sabre is now stealthily approaching the front gate of the institute. She peered inside and saw a blue bike. Thinking to herself, "I might be able to complete both of my tasks today," she waited. A van approaches the gate and a slight grin comes across Sabre's face. She creeps up to the bushes right near the gate and the van stops. The computer says, "Welcome Jean Grey" and the gate opens. The van drives inside but unknown to everyone but one, Sabre is underneath getting a free ride past security. The Van pulls into the garage area and Jean exits. As she walks away, Sabre lets go and drops to the floor silently. She was in... now comes the hard part though.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


As Kat left the house...she pulled out her mirror in her purse. Looking into it she saw two different eye colors and there was something strange about her face too. " What did he do to me?" she thought to herself. Not knowing where to go, she went wondering for awhile finding herself headed for the address on that little piece of paper. Knocking on the door, those familiar eyes that made her feel so safe stared at her. "Omg come in," Jake said with a comforting edge to his voice.


mutants? the wolf knew about humans their short lives, their fears. she knew of monsters and deamons. but not of mutants. they're was nothing for her here she decided she should leave the human and the strange woman. She only took a step from them and heard a gunshot not to far away.


"...you ladies are boring me. That wasn't very entertaining." Reign said. "Well, den what do you have in mind hmm?" Siren replys.
"Ha, you should never let the guy decide that question my dear."
Siren smiles and says, " I have an idea or two..."


Siren looked up from the ground and gave a little smile.

"You think you have me? I zure hope dat you do."

And with that said she changed into mist and gracefully slid out of the woman's grasp appearing right next to her. Siren with her great strength picked the woman up by her neck and pinned her to the wall.

"Vhat iz it dat you vant from me, eh? Vhy for you take interezt in killink me? I'm a Nozferatu, an immortal vampire."

The woman just looked at her and did not say a word, but Siren who could also change into a wolf knew of her silent language and conversed through eye contact.

*I smell fresh blood on your lips and I want it.*

*Hmm, lookz like ve got lotz in common. You need to find your zource of blood from zomeone elze. I feed off deh fear of humanz and mutantz a like. Letz zay ve make a truce, eh?*

She eased the woman down and let go of her.

*Alright, what is your name vampire*
*Your real name, Siren*
*Xatanela Delcroix, letz make a pact among wolvez*

They made a silent pact that no one was able to understand.


The woman smiled and said, "...Easy," she walked towards the wolf shoting blast of energy. The wolf avoided it with ease and jumped up and pulled her down by the neck. The woman threw the animal against the wall and the wolf layed there life-less. "Like i said," the woman sighed, "easy." The man smiled and pointed towards were she had thrown the wolf's lifeless body, standing in it's place was a beautiful woman, with dark hair and light eyes. She attacked the woman and pinned her to the ground.


"Hmmm and what do we have here?" Reign said. "She seems to have an interest in you, why don't YOU take care of her huh? I'm a bit tired." He say as he turns and puts his hands behind his head.


The wolf walked alone cutting through shadows. she smelled something she smelled blood. The wolf stopped and saw a couple, the woman smelled of fresh blood. they looked at her confused. She bared her teeth and started to growl.

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